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GTA V Art: Meet your Friends, Families and Enemies by KevinJRattman GTA V Art: Meet your Friends, Families and Enemies by KevinJRattman
Grand Theft Auto V Artwork: Meet your Friends, Families & Enemies.

*Thanks for all the favourites!

Character orders are (from top left and to bottom right): Tracey De Santa, Amanda De Santa, Tonya Wiggins, "Nervous" Ron Jakowski, Lamar Davis, Simeon Yetarian, unknown MP female character (does not appear on game), yet another unknown gang member (does not appear on game), Dr. Isiah Friedlander, unnamed model nicknamed "Beach Girl" (does not appear on game), Officer Vasquez and unnamed female criminal (does not appear on game), (presumably) Franklin Clinton and Michael De Santa, Wade Hebert, Chop the Rottweiler, Lester Crest, Tracey De Santa (again), and finally James "Jimmy" De Santa.

Some major character not appearing on artworks are: Trevor Philips, Harold "Stretch" Joseph, Floyd Hebert, Fabien LaRouche, Tao Cheng, Steven Haines, Devin Weston, and (presumably) Michael De Santa and Franklin Clinton.

All artworks by Rockstar Games. Visit their site at:
Grand Theft Auto V homepage:

Image cropping/editing etc by me.

//EDIT: Some of artworks I have used which has never been officially released by R*… (Chop. This version has been officially announced by R* as of October 30th, but the link provides extreme HQ quality at 4K*3K resolution.)… (Simeon Yetarian)… (Tao Cheng)… (Wade Hebert (HD available below)… (Tracey DS)… (Michael, Franklin & Trevor; UPDATED TO HD - Nov 30)… (Isiah Friedlander)… (Tonya Wiggins)… (Michael DS on Body Armor)… (Dave Norton)… (Buzzard Helicopter)… Box Art)… (Franklin Box Art)… (9F with Police Chase)… (Vangelico Heist)… (Lester with red shirts) (Beach girl extended)

(Large collection of unreleased artworks including Maude, Wade(HD), GTAO artworks, etc)

+ Nov 30… (GTAO: Stimulus Package)…(Michael, Franklin & Trevor in Blitz Play)
Devilfire-Dragon Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2014
(( Pure epicness. )) 
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September 29, 2013
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